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Just as the body of Christ is made up of different parts, we believe that Christian ministries are as well. Over the years we have found that God has been using Haven on the Rock as a training ground for leaders, the first taste of Kingdom work. Our Summer staff program is for those 18 years old and older who have a heart for ministry and is designed to help you develop your leadership style and skills. We focus on servant leadership, sharing the gospel, discipleship, developing your testimony, honing skill sets and so much more that comes with community living. We have watched many of our staff spread their wings after time with us and launching into other ministries all over the world.

Activity Staff

Haven offers a variety of different activities for campers to enjoy, so we need strong leaders to guide them through it. Activities include archery, tomahawks, crafts, hikes, rappelling, zip-lining, guns, and more!

Trading Post Manager

The Trading Post is one of the social hubs at Haven, and the Manager is a big part of that. By making sure that snacks, drinks, and general merchandise are available to campers and staff, the Manager ensures a happy herd 'round the watering hole.


Counselors are the warriors that lead our campers through their camp experience. They play hard, pray hard, and work hard to make sure that each of their campers are safe, having fun, and learning about God through the different activities camp offers.


Inevitably, camp comes with bumps and bruises. Nature can be tough, and our camp nurse makes sure that everyone goes home with the best medical treatment possible, so the kids can continue to play hard. If you have medical experience, attention to detail, and a compassionate heart, being a camp nurse might be the most fun you have all year!

Horse Wrangler

Do you have passion for horses? Being a Wrangler is the perfect way to combine that passion with your passion for Jesus. Our wranglers take care of our horses so that they can serve our campers on trail rides and other horse activities, while teaching them about our Creator and His creation. 


If you have a passion and a skill set, let us know - we’ll have a place for you here. Cook, photographer, grounds manager, techie, barista; the sky's the limit! (Sorry, we don't yet have an astronaut program...)

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We love being able to work with young people and watch them, in many cases, their first taste of ministry. Our Jr. staff programs are designed to help jr. high and high school students experience leadership in all areas. You will have opportunities to try your hand at different activities, lesson development, and leading opportunities. While serving at camp you have room to discover different types of ministry. You also have discipleship opportunities to develop your own leadership style and begin to define yourself for the future. At such critical ages of development we will encourage you to go to scripture and begin to discover the gifts God has given you and who He created you to be.


Our Jr. Staff Program is divided into three levels:

Level 1

Level 1:  This is for our first time jr. staff ages 14-15. This is a great opportunity to learn what being on camp staff is like- and we bet you wont get enough!  It is designed to give you a taste of leadership and discipleship and see different areas to serve. Because we don’t want to overwhelm our younger staff you are limited to 2 weeks of work throughout the summer, either one of our Primary Day camps and 3rd and 4th grade camp. 

Level 2

Level 2:  This is for our jr. staff who have completed their Level 1 program or are first time jr. staff who are 16-17. In this level you will be given even more responsibility as well as focusing more on specific activities and areas of leadership.  Our program is designed to help you grow in discipleship and develop your leadership style. We are focused on servant leadership and help you grow in your understanding of leading like Jesus.

Level 3

Level 3: This level is for our jr. staff who have worked with us before on Level 2. As a stepping stone, each level adds more responsibilities, opportunities for leadership, service, and discipleship. By now you will have an activity that you have focused on and are learning to master. Our level 3 jr. staff will be given opportunities to lead on their own. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable in your leadership style and move you to an opportunity to take complete ownership in your work. 

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