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Getting your kid ready for camp is a hassle and a half! Find information here to help you, including Drop off/Pick up schedules, a packing list, how we deal with homesickness, the bus from Casper, how to send mail to your camper, the activities we have, our refund policy, camperships available, and our connection with Angel Tree! If you don't find the answer you're looking for, head over to the Contact page and send us your question! 


At camp, we spend most of our day out playing in the sun. While we're at Lake Day, there is little to no shade. If your camper is prone to sunburns, we encourage you to pack a sun shirt. Even a regular shirt they're comfortable wearing in the lake will help reduce sunburns.

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Drop Off/Pick Up

Check-in begins at 11:00 am on Monday morning. Check-out is by 12:00 pm on Friday (UNLESS YOU ARE AT 3rd and 4th GRADE CAMP OR OUR PRIMARY DAY CAMPS, THEN IT IS THURSDAY).


At check-out, you should make sure your child has any meds they brought to camp, has cashed out from the Trading Post, has picked up their craft from the craft shed, and has checked the lost and found. Then, please come to the camp office to sign them out.


Please make arrangements to have your child picked up between 11 AM and Noon on Friday (Thursday) if they are not riding the bus.

Travel Bag

Packing List


-Jeans – 2 pairs or more



-Boots/Closed-toe shoes 

-Tennis shoes


-Socks and underwear



-Jacket, rain gear

-Sleeping bag/bedding


-Towels, toiletries

-One-piece or modest two-piece swimsuit that covers your stomach (or a shirt to cover it)


-Water bottle

-Bible, notebook, and pencil


-Christmas gear for our themed day!

Possible additions:

-Life jacket

-Wide-brimmed hat

-A Sun Shirt

What NOT to Bring:



-Electronics (those brought to camp will be placed in a safe until the conclusion of the week) (this includes phones, smart watches, phone watches, game systems, tablets, etc...)

-Other Valuables

-Alcohol, any illegal substances

-Weapons of any kind



-Vape paraphernalia

**Please do not send anything to camp with your child that you cannot afford for them to lose. Items do get lost, misplaced, and, unfortunately, sometimes stolen. We do our best to prevent this and to recover misplaced items, but we can only be responsible for the items that your child hands over to us to keep in our safe. It is also a good practice to write your child's name on their items whenever possible.

Drop Off/Pick Up
Packing List
homesick 1.jpeg


Kids miss home- it happens, and going to camp is harder for some than others. Our approach to homesickness is that we want our campers to feel safe, and we want our campers to make it through the whole week. We believe the best way to do this is to work with mom and dad and the camper. We make a plan and allow campers to call home and stay connected through us. 


To help the transition from day camp to overnight camp we have Parent Liaisons at camp for the week of 3rd- and 4th-grade camp. They are a link between mom and dad and camper, sending pictures and updates. We have found that these simple acts have significantly decreased our homesick campers (it helps parents too!).  


Mail helps too! Check below for details of how to send camper mail. So if you know your camper may have a hard time and struggle with homesickness feel free to tell them we will keep you in contact to the best of our abilities. We also welcome preplanning with you to help your camper have the best experience possible. 


Casper Bus

We have a bus that transports campers from Casper to Haven. If your child is planning to hitch a ride with us, please have them at Highland Park Community Church in Casper by 8:45 am on Monday.


The bus should return on Friday (Thursday) between

3 and 3:30 pm, depending on road/weather conditions and the timing of lunch.


If your ride plans change, please email us so that we can keep our list up to date. Your child is on our bus list if you answered: "Yes" to the statement "I need a ride" on the registration form. 

bus 1.jpeg
Casper Bus
Letter stamps


Kids love to hear from family and friends and we have tried to make that easy for them. You can send an e-mail to your camper at, just put the camper's name in the subject line. We hand out mail in the mornings after breakfast.


If you would like to send snail mail to your camper please put their home address as the return address, that way if it gets here too late we can send it to them at home. In order to have the highest possibility of your camper receiving your snail mail letter, send it to us a few weeks in advance. If you are going to send a package please use FedEx or UPS and NOT USPS- their packages don't always get delivered to the mailbox.

Camper Name

560 Rim Rock Road

Fort Laramie, WY 82212



We tailor our activities to the age of the campers. The programming is built to grow with the camper and give them new experiences each few years. There are some activities that they will experience at every level:

-Horses. We will have some kind of interaction with horses at each camp.

-Shooting sports. We start with bbs, but grow with them to eventually 22s and shotguns. They also will do archery and tomahawks as they get older.

-Crafts. We have age-appropriate crafts at every camp.

-Farm. We have a farm with pet-able animals and a garden the campers will get to interact with.

-Games. We have water games, field games, group games and more!

-Swimming. With the exception of our Primary camps, the overnight camps each get to spend some time at a local lake and 3-4 graders get to go to the local pool.

-Rappelling and Zip-lining. Once your camper reaches 5th grade camp they will have opportunities to go rappelling and then at 7th grade camp we go zip-lining. 


**High School camp is different in that campers get to choose what activities they participate in. They will sign up for activities each day and we try to bring in new and creative experiences for them as well. 

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Refund pic_edited_edited.jpg


We do not refund no-call/no-show campers. If you are unable to attend your week of camp, please contact us to make other arrangements.

Find our contact information on our Contact page:

Angel Tre


We never want finances to be the reason a camper does not get to come to camp. We have a campership available for our families who need help financially to send their campers. Simply fill out our campership request form and we will be in contact with you. Angel Tree is also another resource we have to help provide a camp experience for our campers. Please see the Angel Tree section for more information.

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Angel Tree

We love that we have been able to partner with Angel Tree Camping and provide a week of camp for those who qualify. Any camper who has received a Christmas gift through Angel Tree from an incarcerated parent qualifies. Also, and camper who has a parent who is currently incarcerated qualifies as an Angel Tree camper- along with all other children living in their home! If your camper qualifies please indicate so on the campership request form. For more information please contact us.

Lost and Found

We get it, kids leave things at camp or go home with someone else's stuff.  We do collect what we find left at camp, wash clothing, and will hang on to it for the season. If you contact us about missing items we will do our best to return them. During the summer we do travel from camp to Casper weekly and are often able to meet with you at the bus stop. However, Haven on the Rock is not responsible for missing and forgotten items. We immediately throw away socks and underwear. Leftover clothing is donated at the end of the season. Towels, water bottles, and sleeping bags are washed and added to our (growing) collection. Personal hygiene items such as shower items, hair brushes, and other beauty products are disposed of after the season. We do our best to return unclaimed prescription medications but dispose of over-the-counter meds. If your camper has left something at camp please contact us and we will do our best to help. 

lost and found.webp

Add money to your camper's store account!

Click the link below to add money onto your camper's Trading Post account. You can also keep an eye on what they're spending every day. If you have any questions, let us know!

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