What is Camp?

DSC_5217Why do I keep coming back to this one place called camp? What does that word even mean? This one word can mean many different things to many different people. It can mean excitement, like whenever you stick a tomahawk in the wood and you hear that solid thud. It can mean fear-fear from when you’re repelling down the rocky cliff and you are not sure that your belayer will hold on to you. Or, maybe it is sadness. The sadness of having to say goodbye at the end of the week or the end of the summer. Never being sure how long it will be until we see everyone together again, because no matter how much we hope, or how hard we wish we did not, we still have lives outside of Haven. With your camp family you will go through more emotions in a week than you thought you could muster up in a few months. It is these people that see you at your best and at your worst. Continue reading

The God of Christmas: He Gives and Takes Away

Christmas blog picI woke up the other day and it was Christmas time. Does that ever happen to you? Fall is moving along, maybe there is a little snow. Thanksgiving comes around, and then – boom – it’s almost Christmas! Suddenly what was a few months away is now a few weeks away, and I’m thinking about gifts, family, decorations, putting parties on the calendar, trying not to eat too many sweets just yet (even though they are everywhere!), and I’m fully anticipating Christmas again. This year my already last-minute process got interrupted by an unwelcome visitor: Nasty Stomach Bug. It hit all of us, in the span of a few days – Scott Family down and out. Of all times, right? Not exactly my idea of a fun family Christmas activity. But maybe the timing was just right.

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The Second Annual Oinkerraiser is UNDERWAY

Ladies and Gentleman…

pig-clip-art-yiokXyriEWe are happy to announce that our second annual Oinkerraiser is underway! Help us raise money for camp by purchasing some raffle tickets for a chance to win a whole lot of bacon! Twenty bucks a ticket will buy you a chance to take home half of a processed hog (pork chops, bacon, sausage, ribs…can you say barbecue?), and will also be a fantastic contribution to a camp that is working to change the lives of local kids. Win win! Call #307-577-5267, shoot a quick e-mail, find us on Facebook or talk to your neighborhood Haven on the Rock coordinator or board member to help us out with this fund raiser! God bless!

p.s. The drawing will be finalized in January, so get your tickets soon!

You’ll Never Guess…


On my way through the staff lounge a couple days ago, one of the counselors stopped me and said, “You’ll never guess what just happened.” “What’s that?” I asked. He continued, “The most important thing that can happen at this camp. The thing that we hope for every week. One of my kids accepted Christ tonight!” He was absolutely glowing and I thought about how right he was. Every meal served, every letter sent, every Band-Aid put on, every volunteer recruited, every toilet fixed, every activity planned, all of the literal blood, sweat and tears that go into running camp are all to that end. That kids may come to know Jesus as their personal Savior and others grow in their already established relationship with Him. What a summer it has been, and it isn’t even over yet!! Please pray with us that God continues to bring the kids to camp that need to hear about Him and that we will be faithful servants of the Gospel!

-Jenni Tibbs (Coordinator)


Join us for Haven Open House 2014!

IMG_6089We are so excited about our upcoming Open House taking place this Saturday, June 14th! Have you ever wondered what camp actually looks like? Have you ever wanted to throw a tomahawk or shoot a bow and arrow? Whether you are an old camp hand from the Rim Rock or Adventures in Christian Kamping past, or have just joined with Haven on the Rock, we want you to come!

The Open House will be held on June 14th, 2014 from 10 a.m. through 2 p.m. at Haven on the Rock: 560 Rim Rock Road, Ft. Laramie, WY 82212.  You can look forward to participating in activities, going on a camp tour, entering your kids in a coloring contest, great food, fantastic community and a celebration of God’s work in the ministries’ 30 year history.

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Can You Smell It?

DSC_0124 (2)This time of year always gets me so excited. The sandals and shorts are starting to make their entry back into the world, the colors in the stores are getting brighter! It even starts to smell better outside. My mind starts reeling with all this things to come, the most exciting of which is camp. My heart beats just a little faster as I think of the thrill that races through camp on Monday mornings when the vehicles start rolling in. I get to spend a lot of time at camp and it is like the place comes to life during the summer. Its by far my favorite time to be up here. Now is the time to start talking to your friends about this summer. Tell them about all of the amazing things you get to do. The adrenaline of rappelling, the thrill of sticking a tomahawk, the pride of hitting the target at 22s and archery, the nerves of standing on a horse as it is walking, the cutest little chicks and baby goats. Are you starting to remember? Are you remembering the smell of the campfire, the cold of the water on lake day? I can’t wait to see you here this summer, to hear your stories from this last year and to beat you in a game of carpet ball (yes that was a challenge). Tell all of your friends that if they want to have a fantastic summer it needs to involve a week at Haven on the Rock! See you there!

-Karisa Bennett (Program Coordinator)