Calling All Volunteers…

Are you looking for somewhere to volunteer your time durning the school year? Are you missing camp friends and reminiscing about the fun times of the summer? Consider helping Haven out with some of our projects! Whether you live near camp or not, here are a few things you could help us work on:
1. Mailings– We have a quarterly newsletter, as well as other mailings that go out throughout the year. We would love to have help stuffing and labeling!
2. Distributing Marketing Materials– Help us get the word out about upcoming camps by passing out postcards or putting our posters up around town.
3. Blog and Newsletter Contributions– Are you a writer? Do you have some great camp stories? We would love to consider using your work for our next blog post or newsletter.
4. Fundraising– If you want to put together a fundraiser for Haven, we would like to work with you to see if we can make that happen. We are still working on raising funds for a new bathhouse and infirmary, as well as for our general operating budget, camperships, etc.
5. Maintenance and Work Projects– It’s no easy job keeping camp pretty and operational! If you have skills in this area, get in touch with Zach to find out how you can help around camp.
If you have another idea or project that might help camp out, don’t be shy! Give us a call and we’ll figure out a way to get you involved.

P.S. If you happen to be in the Casper area, we will be preparing our Fall Newsletter for mailing on Saturday, October 29th. Call Alecia at 307-680-8227, or email for more details.

Come check us out!


Camp is fast approaching, and so is our Open House! On Saturday, June 11th, you (yes, YOU!) are invited to join us at Haven for some ridiculously fun activities, delicious food, and a few words about what it means to be involved with camp. Does that sound like a good time or what?! The festivities will begin at 10 am and wrap up around 2 pm, with lunch served in the middle. See you there!

P.S. If you haven’t seen our video yet, you can check it out here.

Summer is Coming!


It’s that time of year…Summer is near, school is coming to a close, and, of course, the camp season is just around the corner! It’s easy to think of camp as something we just do for fun, maybe to break up the monotony of a lazy summer, or to make new friends. True, camp is a blast! But did you know that it is so much more than that? Here is what staff member Shannon Griffith had to say about how the Lord has impacted her life through camp:

I have been attending Haven on the Rock for four years and have been a camper two of those years. When attending Haven, there is always an encouraging atmosphere and people are very real about their relationship with God. When I attended my first summer as a camper, the staff showed me the importance of spending personal time with God daily. It is important to desire to grow in the Lord, and working at Haven gives me the opportunity to do so. As a camper, I enjoy fellowship with other believers through various activities. Worshiping our Lord and Savior with others who feel the same way shows how wonderful God is, that He deserves all glory, whether in the hard times or the good.

After the fun times of camp have ended, you take home not only a wealth of great new memories, but also a new understanding of who God is, His love for you, and how to walk with Him daily. That’s the kind of growth we desire to see from every person who chooses to spend part of their summer with us at Haven. So whether you’re a camper, a staff member, a parent, or a volunteer, jump on board with us this summer and see how God can use camp to change your life. Camp is just around the corner…Will we see you there?

We are a GO!!!

IMG_9983Registration is now open for the 2016 season of Haven on the Rock Summer Camp!
You can register by clicking HERE
You can apply to work for camp by clicking HERE

We are so excited about what is coming this summer and we can’t wait to see you there!