Volunteering at Haven

One of our values at Haven on the Rock is to involve as many people as possible in what we do. We love working for Jesus, and we want to spread the wealth. One way we do this is to offer a wide-range of volunteer opportunities for both our summer programs as well as our off-season program. Without the short-term hard work of our volunteers, we would not be able to share our camp experience with hundreds of young people every year.

Summer Volunteering

We offer a diverse selection of volunteer positions for our summer programs. Check out the list below to find an area to volunteer in that you’ll not only have fun doing, but that you have a passion and talent for that you want to share with us and our campers!

  • Counselor

    Our weekly counselors are the heart and soul of our summer ministry. These are the week-long warriors that lead our campers through their camp experience, playing hard, praying hard, and working hard to make sure that each of their 4-5 young people are safe, having fun, and learning about God through the different activities in which they take part.

  • Junior Counselor

    Junior counselors share many of the same responsibilities as regular counselors, they’re just younger and (usually) shorter. A Junior Counselor is responsible for making sure their group is having a fun, safe, and meaningful experience, while also receiving the added benefit of having an experienced Counselor available as a teacher, mentor, and leader.

  • Nurse

    Inevitably, camp comes with scratches and bruises. Nature can be tough, and our camp nurse makes sure that everyone goes home with the best medical treatment possible, so they can live to play another day. If you have medical experience, fastidious attention to detail, and a compassionate heart, being a nurse at camp might be the most fun you have all year.

  • Snack Shack Manager

    The Snack Shack is one of the social hubs at Haven, and the Snack Shack Manager is a big part of that. By making sure that snacks, drinks, and general merchandise are available to campers and staff, the Snack Shack Manager ensures a happy herd ’round the watering hole.

  • Barista

    The Barista works with the Snack Shack Manager to mix up flavorful concoctions of frozen goodness for campers and leadership alike. Summers in Wyoming are arid and warm, so the Barista inevitably becomes a candidate for “Favorite Person EVER!” every week.

If any of these positions have sparked your interest or ignited your passion to serve, fill out our online application today!

Off-Season Volunteering

We have tons of fun in the summer, but we also keep busy during the off season! Without all the work that gets done during the autumn and winter months, we would never be able to have such a great time during our summer camps. Not only do we have several ongoing work projects throughout the year, but we also offer space and activities for retreats year-round. If you feel more comfortable swinging a hammer, digging up cacti, or spreading paint around, our off-season work projects were planned with you in mind.

In addition to physical work at the camp grounds, there are always administrative and logistical volunteer opportunities – we have and continue to utilize volunteer accountants, lawyers, organizers, party planners, van drivers, web developers, print designers, and more. If you have a skill and you want to expand God’s kingdom with it, let us know! If you don’t have a particular skill, we also need help with projects such as mailings, distributing marketing materials, and whatever else may pop up throughout the year. If you are ready and willing to give your time in some capacity, we’d love to work with you.

For more information on upcoming work projects or off-season volunteer opportunities, please contact Alecia or Karisa.