The History of Haven

A Tale of Two Campgrounds

It’s very easy to see the hand of God working in the lives of the two ministries that came together to form Haven on the Rock. In the early 1980’s He was working in two areas of Wyoming, speaking to leaders and youth alike to tell them that a camp was in His plan.

For the parents and grandparents of Lingle, Wyoming, God’s plan became evident as they watched many of their children go to summer camp and be transformed. During a local church service one evening, an old rancher stood up in the back and said, “I don’t know what happened to all these kids at that camp – all I know is I want what happened to them, to happen to me.” With that, he marched down to the front of the church and got on his knees, where he was soon joined by half the congregation. Some of the lives that were changed that night included a local ranching family, who were so moved that they dedicated some of their land to the building of a camp designed to fulfill the calling God had given them. They called their camp Rim Rock, and dedicated its use to the community that had inspired them to open it.

Just up the road, a local church in Casper established a children’s church camp. As more and more children came and the camp began to grow, the church’s leaders turned it into a Christian community camp called Adventures in Christian Kamping, or ACK, with the goal of helping children “ACK”nowledge Christ in all their ways.

Better Together

In the early part of each camp’s ministry, they actually did camp together – Adventures in Christian Kamping used the facilities at Rim Rock to run their camps. This arrangement ended as both camps grew and eventually parted ways to continue to serve the Lord and the children that came summer after summer in their own ways. But in 2010, Adventures in Christian Kamping returned to Rim Rock to rent their facilities and perform their ministry, working around Rim Rock’s own schedule. It was in 2012 that the leaders of each ministry got together and asked the question, “Could we do this ministry together?  Not side by side, but as one?” Following the Lord’s direction, they decided to give it a try, forming what is known today as Haven on the Rock.

God has been with each ministry every step of the way, changing lives and bringing people to Himself through dedicated counselors, selfless volunteers, and countless hours of fun and teaching. In turn, He has asked both Rim Rock and ACK, “Will you follow me in this?” We answered proudly and boldly with “Yes!”, and are following Him to the place He will lead us – to His Haven on the Rock. As we follow God’s leading, we are excited to see the incredible things that He will continue to do with this new and unified camp, and look forward to sharing our journey with you!