Summer Camp Leadership

You are a very important part of our story at Haven on the Rock, where training tomorrow’s volunteers is a key goal. Every summer, one outcome of our ministry is that we have approximately 100 experienced youth workers who can continue to do God’s work in their local communities and churches after experiencing an awesome summer with us.

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We need you!

We recruit people who have a passion for working with youth, have camp counselling experience, or are interested in serving God’s kingdom in a new way. Our staff, junior staff, counselors, and junior counselors come from all walks of life. Our leadership staff has consisted of full-time professionals, full-time college students, high school students, full-time retirees, and all sorts of people in between. God is on the move at Haven on the Rock, and we want you to consider joining Him and us!

What do I need to do?

As part of the Haven team, you will be expected to serve and learn alongside your fellow staff members while being constantly and consistently challenged. Every year, our summer-long staff undergoes a pre-camp training week focused on team building, character development, and developing a leadership style. In addition, our weekly volunteers undergo a weekend intensive training where we discuss discipline strategies, spiritual direction for the week, and age-appropriate teaching techniques.

How can I help?

Do any of the following positions speak to your strengths or ministry desires? Check out these short descriptions of our most common positions and if anything jumps out at you, consider filling out an application!

  • Summer Leadership*

    Our summer-long staff consists of individuals who are eighteen and older.  These individuals have a heart for serving young people, are committed to working within a community, and have the ability to dedicate an entire summer to God’s work at camp.

  • Weekly Leadership

    Weekly leaders are people who demonstrate the same amount of dedication and passion as our All-Summer Leadership, but are otherwise unable to commit to an entire summer of camping ministry. We value people from all situations in life, so we don’t want responsibilities to a family or full-time job to keep you from experiencing God’s amazing work at camp.

  • Counselors

    Our counselors, in many ways, play the role of parents for their campers. In the same way a parent is vigilant in ensuring safety for their own children, our counselors are vigilant over their four to five campers. In the same way a parent uses everyday life to teach their children about God and His world, our counselors are committed to finding every possible opportunity to share with campers how amazing our God is. Every day of camp, our program includes a Bible lesson where a counselor and their junior counselor get to teach the campers themselves. Further, Counselors are asked to attend all activities with the campers.

  • Junior Staff and Counselors

    Our junior staff and counselors are young people who have demonstrated a heart for ministry but might not have had an opportunity to exercise their gifts in ministry yet. These young people can be anywhere from fifteen to seventeen years old.  Each one is paired with a counselor or staff member as a mentor, and largely has the same experience as their mentor. They get to participate in the activities of camp, co-teaches the daily Bible lesson, learn about how the camp is run,  and are sometimes responsible for looking after the four to five campers assigned to them.

  • Staff

    A summer camp program could not happen without the hard work that every staff member puts into each session of camp. In each session of camp, we need nurses, bankers, cooks, cook assistants, activity staff, dishwashers, horse wranglers, camper wranglers, sound techs, etc. If you have always been more of a Martha than a Mary (read Luke 10 for the story), perhaps a staff position is for you.

  • Session Leaders

    Session leaders contribute to our ministry by providing a week’s worth of leadership as Director, Speaker, or Worship Leader. An honorarium is provided for the valuable time and effort put into this special position.

What do others say?

“Parents send their children because they know and trust the organization and the staff involved. Haven keeps their children connected to the wonderful people and places in Wyoming. Kids like it!” ~ Dawn 

“Haven Staff provides children a loving atmosphere and new opportunities to explore the outdoors and grow in their walk with God.” ~ Katelyn

“Every time kids go they have a good time, the staff are willing to help, transportation is available, and Haven makes it convenient for families. Haven has a really good reputation, no-one ever talks bad about it; and, it has been here for generations.” ~ Sam


*Since they are giving away nearly 9 weeks of the summer, our summer long staff is financially compensated for their commitment.