What a Gift!

Birthday Cake

Ask anyone. They would probably tell you that we couldn’t have asked for a better first year in ministry for Haven on the Rock. From the proposal of a new name, to the hard work of people who have been involved in this camp for decades, to God’s mighty hand along the way, it was a thing to behold. I was reminded of the verse in Romans, where Paul says, “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Anyone that has been a Christian for any amount of time knows that this doesn’t mean an easy time. There are still difficulties and challenges because we live in a fallen world, are and work with human beings, not to mention that Satan really hates anything that has to do with introducing people to Christ. But does that mean that ministry didn’t happen? Not in the slightest. Through this year of ministry we had the biggest staff turn out ever for either organization with 180 staff/volunteers committed to serving the Lord through camp. We had 30 kids commit or recommit their lives to Christ. We saw beautiful unity among the two ministries as we officially combined to serve the Lord as one. There was added community outreach as we tell new people about the camp and invite them to come, we had an official prayer partner team who added invaluable prayer support, and new financial donors joined the cause of camp almost monthly. It is a gift (fitting for a birthday, don’t you think?) to look back at all that God has done in the last year of the ministry. Though I know we say this a lot, I am incredibly excited to see what God has in store for this next year of ministry as we walk forward, endeavoring not to run ahead of or lag behind His plan, but be right in the center of what He is calling us to.  Bring it on 2014.

-Jenni Tibbs (Administrative and Marketing Coordinator)