It’s Time For Camp!

Old friends, new beginnings, and the ever present winds of change.

Last night as I fell asleep I couldn’t help but notice the peculiar quiet that happens at camp when it’s not in session. It’s the same thing that makes parent’s scramble to find their children because “it’s TOO quiet!” Now don’t get me wrong, I love showing up a few days early to camp just to enjoy that quiet, but it also feels like the very rocks around here are waiting in eager anticipation for those cars to start rumbling down the driveway and unloading people of all ages and walks of life, adults, kids, families, and single folks… all here for one unified purpose… for camp.
It has been mentioned several times before, but the choice of our name was not because it sounds good or because it’s politically correct or perhaps draws it’s influence from a song or a particular bible verse. Instead it’s a recognition of both the character of God and a declaration to all about what God has done for us in this place. This is a haven, a safe place, and that didn’t start when we got the new name, it’s something we’ve pursued for years.
Now as camp comes alive around us here in the next days and weeks, and as you see the spring showers and early growth begin to transform the world where you are please think of us out here on the rock. We don’t do this alone, and we’d love you to be a part of what we do through your prayers, or volunteering, or sending kids our way.
We love to hear the noise and bustle of camp begin to return and we always love seeing our camp family return year after year. But like spring makes something completely new every year… camp is always a unique experience each summer and we’d love it if you would be a part of that.
It’s time for camp!

-Nick Oegema