Can You Smell It?

DSC_0124 (2)This time of year always gets me so excited. The sandals and shorts are starting to make their entry back into the world, the colors in the stores are getting brighter! It even starts to smell better outside. My mind starts reeling with all this things to come, the most exciting of which is camp. My heart beats just a little faster as I think of the thrill that races through camp on Monday mornings when the vehicles start rolling in. I get to spend a lot of time at camp and it is like the place comes to life during the summer. Its by far my favorite time to be up here. Now is the time to start talking to your friends about this summer. Tell them about all of the amazing things you get to do. The adrenaline of rappelling, the thrill of sticking a tomahawk, the pride of hitting the target at 22s and archery, the nerves of standing on a horse as it is walking, the cutest little chicks and baby goats. Are you starting to remember? Are you remembering the smell of the campfire, the cold of the water on lake day? I can’t wait to see you here this summer, to hear your stories from this last year and to beat you in a game of carpet ball (yes that was a challenge). Tell all of your friends that if they want to have a fantastic summer it needs to involve a week at Haven on the Rock! See you there!

-Karisa Bennett (Program Coordinator)

  • Darcey J. Switzer

    Carpet ball…hmmm. I’ll have to give that a try. Challenge accepted, Karisa! 🙂