Haven on the Rock’s funding comes from a variety of sources

We can personally testify that we have seen many lives forever changed by the Haven on the Rock summer camp experience. God uses simple things like a week at camp to pass along to us a fresh awareness of His love. It would be great to share this adventure with you. Use the link below to partner with us in providing our campers with a Haven for amazing summer camping right away, or read on to see some of the areas you can specify your donation for during our secure donation process.

Haven on the Rock IS A 501(C)(3) NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION.


Capital Improvement Projects

Money donated to the Capital Improvements Fund at Haven on the Rock will go towards making our dreams of the perfect camping atmosphere come true. It’s through this option that you can donate directly to the maintenance and improvement of the camp, be that in the form of building upgrades and repairs, new and improved camp amenities, or even our horse program!

Our current focus of our Capital Improvements is our Band-aids and Bath-soap Campaign to raise funds for a much needed new bathhouse and infirmary. Click here to learn more!

General Donations

Our ministry would not exist without the support of God’s people. At camp, horses, helmets, buses, drivers, brochures, postcards, tents, bullets, clay pigeons, t-shirts, farm animals, fresh produce, gifts and toys, building materials, gas cards, and overnight accommodations for travelers have all been volunteered or donated to make ministry happen. Thank you for joining us in our ministry with a donation!


One of Haven on the Rock’s core commitments is that no one should be refused a week of Christian summer camp because of financial problems. By giving here, you can be a part of making sure that young people from all walks of life can experience the excitement, challenge, and impact of summer camp at Haven. We’re hoping to raise enough to allow 100 campers to come to camp on God’s dollar. If you’d like to help send some eager new campers to an awesome summer destination, consider donating to the campership fund!

Summer Staff

Haven on the rock makes use of dedicated single-summer volunteers and staff every year to make our camping experience both excellent and authentic. You may know one of this year’s volunteers or staff members, and we encourage you to encourage and reward them in their work with us at camp!

Year-Round Directors

Our full-time staff is looking out for Haven on the Rock’s best interests all year long, and do an amazing job of bringing the best camping experience possible to all of the campers we see during the summer – and to all of the projects that need to be tended to during the off-season.

Zach and Karisa Bennett

Camping ministry requires months of preparation and hard work. Part of that preparation and hard work is making sure that schedules are written, buildings are repaired, supplies are purchased, and work projects are coordinated. Zach and Karisa are committed to working to make sure that facilities and programming at Haven on the Rock are taken care of at all times.

Preston and Alecia Blakeley

Haven on the Rock believes that its ministry is God’s ministry, and requires the participation of God’s people. So, every year we recruit and hire dozens of volunteers and staff, contact hundreds of people, and keep track of the mountains of paperwork involved. Preston and Alecia have committed to Haven on the Rock to help recruit God’s people for God’s work, and get the word out about the amazing things that God is doing at camp. In other words, they are responsible for staffing, marketing, and administration.

Scott Smith Jr.

There are many details that go into managing and stewarding the finances of a non-profit organization. Haven on the Rock has been blessed to have stewards that desire to honor God and the camp in the way the finances are maintained. As the Finance Coordinator Scott works hard to make sure the books are balanced, that funds are coming in through support raising, and that camp is able to continue to step forward into the work that God has for Haven on the Rock.