Band-Aids and Bath-Soap Campaign

At Haven on the Rock, camper health and safety is very important. The camp nurse sees scrapes, sprains, bruises and cactus thorns. The new infirmary would provide the nurse a clean and private place to take care of campers and secure storage for supplies and campers’ medicines. In 2013, over 20% of our campers took daily prescription medications. Locating the infirmary within the bathhouse will allow access to plumbing.  Camp is chalk full of all sorts of outdoor activities which has a tendency to make the participants a bit dirty. Currently there are not enough bathrooms for every camper to clean up before meals or bedtime. Parents need to know that it is our priority to meet the basic health and safety needs of our campers. More campers mean the need for a better infirmary and more bathroom facilities.

The Facilities

Infirmary-                                                                                                                                       Serious injuries and illnesses are rare at Haven on the Rock, but certified medical staff and an infirmary is a camp standard.  The design is for a modern infirmary with a private restroom and exam area.  A bed is needed for campers who require overnight observation.  A secure refrigerator designated for controlled storage of medications is planned.   The construction of an all new infirmary and bathhouse is the first priority of our facility expansion project.

Bathhouse-                                                                                                                                   We are committed to the cleanliness and privacy of our campers while using the restroom.  Our new bathhouse will include several upgrades and updates. For starters, we will be doubling our capacity for toilets (8) and urinals, as well as increasing the number of showers we have. We have also designed our new bathhouse to be fully handicap accessible. Further, we have improved the design to allow for more privacy in the showering area: we have incorporated a personal dressing space for both boys’ and girls’ shower areas.

The Cost

The architect’s conceptual plans have been submitted for a 2,000 square foot building.  Based on current in-town new construction of a like facility that meets codes, we are planning $100/square foot.  Volunteer labor and discounted or donated materials are being solicited and the final design will be affected.  The return on investment of a better infirmary and bathhouse will be realized in the increased use of the facility by off-season rental groups.  The construction costs will be managed conservatively without over-running the budget or cash on hand.

Why Invest

 Haven on the Rock is two organizations who have been in the camping ministry for 3 decades.  The strength of all those years assures that the ministry will go on through the ups and downs of the future.  We have demonstrated the ability to adjust to change and improve on what we are doing.  Haven on the Rock has good prospects for longevity.  The ministry is currently debt free.  As a 501c3 organization our 990 form for 2012 reports we acquired all the land, facilities, and equipment at no cost.  This represents the first capital expansion project for the ministry. The Board is determined to keep the cost to families low, so all operational expenses for the summer ministry are met through camper fees and donations.    The best reason to invest in this facility is because of the real life-changing effect of a week of camp.  Everything we do is aimed with laser-like intensity towards making sure we can share the love of Jesus with as many people as possible.